Badge P

33 Padlet

 Create a Padlet wall for students to turn in or showcase digital projects.   (FREE and paid options) 
“The kids had so much fun seeing what the others inferred from the cards. It also gave them a chance to “hear/see” an inference they hadn’t thought of” Norma Hargrove at Lowe

164 Paper by 53

” Bring your ideas to life in all their messy glory. Paper’s perfectly-tuned tools make it easy to sketch, type, paint, draw — wherever your thoughts take you. ”  Paper is a great tool for drawing as well as sketch note taking.

3 Parent Email List

Build an email contact list in Gmail and give an example of how you have used it to communicate with parents.  (FREE)
“I use my parent group to send a weekly Friday email with reminders, what we learned that week and upcoming events.” Heather James at Smith 

18 PearDeck

Use Pear Deck to enhance a Google Slides presentation and gather responses from your students to measure their comprehension.  (Has a free option)
“Gives a quick assessment of understanding” Mrs. Summers at Princeton HS

Pebble Go

Have your students explore Science and Social Studies topics with Pebble Go.

207 PHET

You can earn this badge again each time you have your students complete a PHET Simulation. Engage your students in digital simulations for Physics, Chemistry, Math, Earth Science, and Biology. Highly recommended by Mrs. Summers at the HS.

166 Photography

Have your students capture life around them with a digital camera.  Photography can be used to capture images of work students have created and add their work to a digital portfolio.

65 Photomath

Have students check their math work using Photomath.  (FREE) 

93 PictureThis

Get students out identifying plant species with the PictureThis app.

119 PicMonkey

Create designs to support your class with PicMonkey.  Have students create images to show what they have learned.  

113 Piktochart

Have students create an info-graphic to show what they have learned. 

54 Pineapple

 Invite other teachers to your class to witness, learn, and be inspired by how you are trying fun new things.   Help other teachers see practical and usable ideas in action.  (FREE) 

201 Pink Cat Studio

Activities, decor, review games, classroom management tools and more.

53 Pinteresting

Find some boards that contain useful ideas for your classroom.  Maybe even start your own board to share ideas with your colleagues.    (FREE) 

107 Plickers

Track your students responses with Plickers.

208 Pocketlab

PocketLab provides the flexible hands-on tools and resources you need to teach science your way. Another good one from Mrs. Summers at the HS.

176 Poll Everywhere

Use Poll Everywhere to survey students and allow them to learn from the results.

200 PowerPoint Timers

Create or use custom PowerPoint presentations that are timed to automate and facilitate your class.

144 Prezintation

Use Prezi or better yet have your students use Prezi to create a presentation explaining a topic.  

255 Progress Learning

Set up 4 shortcuts on the teacher dashboard where you first log in

256 Progress Learning
Pending Setup

Assign a course to each of your listed classes to remove the “Pending Setup” label

257 Progress Learning
Create Assessment

Choose standards and have Progress Learning create an assessment for your students. Oh also assign it and have them complete it.

258 Progress Learning
Custom Assessment

Create a custom assessment where you choose the questions yourself

259 Progress Learning
Share Assessment

Share an assessment you made with another teacher

260 Progress Learning
Create Assignment

Create an assignment with practice questions, notes, a learning video, and an assessment. Also have your students complete this assignment.

261 Progress Learning
Question Creator

Create 5 teacher made questions in Progress Learning and assign them to your students

262 Progress Learning
Space Explorers

Get all of the students in one class up from Space kitty to Space Explorer

263 Progress Learning
Space Pirates

Get all of the students in once class ranked up to at least Space Pirates

264 Progress Learning
Captain Galaxy

Get all of the students in one class ranked up to at least Captain Galaxy

265 Progress Learning
Captain Prestige

Get all of the students in one class completely leveled up to Captain Galaxy Prestige level

266 Progress Learning
Bulletin Board

Use the printable Bulletin Board resources to make a place to showcase your students alien ranking progress

267 Progress Learning
Certified Ranks

Pass out the Progress Learning certificates to your students as they complete Alien Ranking levels

268 Progress Learning
Green Dot Challenge

Get your students started in teh Progress Learning Green Dot Challenge

269 Progress Learning

Get all of the students in one class to their full 348 Galaxy Stars Earned

270 Progress Learning
Bell Ringer

Use a Progress Learning Bell Ringer to start your class

271 Progress Learning
Session Activity Report

Examine a Session activity report after your students complete an assignment or assessment and tell me what you noticed.

272 Progress Learning
Galaxy Star Report

Look up your classes Galaxy Star Report and see how their progress is coming along. Do you qualify yet for badge #269 the “348ers”

273 Progress Learning
Liftoff Diagnostic

View your liftoff Diagnostic report and identify a standard you could reinforce. Let me know the standard and I might even make you an activity for it.

274 Progress Learning
Printed Prepper

Find an applicable activity for your students in the Printable Worksheets. Print it and set it off to the side for a later date when you will be out and need work for a substitute.

275 Progress Learning
Printed Writer

Find and use with your class one of the Printable writing activities available in Progress Learning.

276 Progress Learning
Student Experience

View the Student Experience Webinar from Progress Learning

277 Progress Learning
Getting Started

View the Getting Started webinar from Progress Learning

29 Podcaster

Start an online podcast to share stories of what is happening in your class with students, parents, the community, and the world. You can interview other teachers or students. (FREE)

108 PowToons

Create yourself or have your students create a PowToon video presentation. 

81 Prodigy

Get students engaged practicing math skills with Prodigy math games.  Kids love it.  I have even seen Youtube streams of kids playing these games just like Fortnite.