33 Padlet

 Create a Padlet wall for students to turn in or showcase digital projects.   (FREE and paid options) 
“The kids had so much fun seeing what the others inferred from the cards. It also gave them a chance to “hear/see” an inference they hadn’t thought of” Norma Hargrove at Lowe

3 Parent Email List

Build an email contact list in Gmail and give an example of how you have used it to communicate with parents.  (FREE)
“I use my parent group to send a weekly Friday email with reminders, what we learned that week and upcoming events.” Heather James at Smith 

18 PearDeck

Use Pear Deck to enhance a Google Slides presentation and gather responses from your students to measure their comprehension.  (Has a free option)
“Gives a quick assessment of understanding” Mrs. Summers at Princeton HS

65 Photomath

Have students check their math work using Photomath.  (FREE) 

93 PictureThis

Get students out identifying plant species with the PictureThis app.

54 Pineapple

 Invite other teachers to your class to witness, learn, and be inspired by how you are trying fun new things.   Help other teachers see practical and usable ideas in action.  (FREE) 

53 Pinteresting

Find some boards that contain useful ideas for your classroom.  Maybe even start your own board to share ideas with your colleagues.    (FREE) 

29 Podcaster

Start an online podcast to share stories of what is happening in your class with students, parents, the community, and the world. You can interview other teachers or students. (FREE)

81 Prodigy

Get students engaged practicing math skills with Prodigy math games.  Kids love it.  I have even seen Youtube streams of kids playing these games just like Fortnite.