PreK Visual Vocabulary

Here are some visual vocabulary activities for your Pre-K students.
This includes PowerPoint slide shows as an entire huge slide show or divided into smaller categorical groups.

There are also interactive Lumio activities which can be completed whole group or even should work out assigning individually in Google Classroom if you have computer lab or Chromebook access. Lumio lets you have 10 activities on a free account.

Click the Google Drive link below to access the PowerPoint slide shows.

These activities are broken down into groups of ten to 20 items so they should be quick experiences for your students. These might be good individual practice after going over a presentation as a group. They also stand well on their own.

Super Sort Activity: Food vs TransportationStudents sort images into the two categories to play out a pirate ship battle.
PK visual Vocab Monster Flash CardsTurn over the flash cards one at a time and SHOUT the visual vocabulary term.
PK Visual Vocabulary Memory Matching GameHere is a memory matching game using a set of ten terms.