Leisure Learn

Welcome to a new concept.  We are taking Lunch and Learn and making it more accessible.  Below you will find all of the resources for this training including the sign in sheet, example materials, presentation, and reflection survey.  If you complete all of these steps you can earn a 30 minute PD credit in Eduphoria.  There is no timer, you can work through this at your pace.

Step 1 Registration

Please complete this form to register for your self paced Leisure Learning session.  

Step 2 Example

Take this example Google Forms quiz to experience different types of questions and answer choices that can be included.  You will experience a Google Forms Quiz from the student's perspective to help you understand that process in your class.

Step 3 Presentation

Check out the presentation about Google Forms Quizzes.  You can go through the slide show or a screen-cast explanation of the slide show.

Step 4 Exit Ticket

Complete this form to reflect on what you learned and earn PD credit for your time.

How to Make Your Own

Here is a video walk through on how to create a Google Forms Quiz if you are interested in learning more about how to do that.