Strive: How to upload evidence

Access Strive through Eduphoria, which is in Classlink.

Click on My Evaluation Process from the menu on the left.

Find the Uploaded Evidence box under the Evaluation Process tab

Click the arrow to expand the box

Click the Plus sign to add evidence

Give your evidence an appropriate Title that clearly identifies what the evidence is

Give your evidence an accurate description to help your evaluator

Click the Choose File button to locate the evidence you would like to submit

Use the file explorer to select the evidence you wish to upload

Click Open to choose that file

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-16.png

Lastly click Upload to complete the process

Then your screen should then look like this:

Kinder Chromebook Intro

Infinite Campus Send General Class Messages to Students and Parents

These directions are for making and using an ad-hoc filter to message parents.

Two parts

Edit the Filter 

Send the message

Part 1

Step 1  Log in to infinite campus from ClassLink

Step 2  Open Ad Hoc Reporting menu

Step 3 Click on Filter designer

Step 4 Click + to expand the user group for your campus

Step 5 Scroll down to find The template you want to use

Step 6 Ensure that active year is selected

Step 7 Click Edit

Step 8 Click Next

Step 9 Enter the Course number and section number for each class the student is registered in

Step 10 Complete any remaining Course and section number boxes by repeating the last one you entered

Step 11 Click Save

Part 2

Step 12 Open Messenger menu

Step 13 Click on Message Builder

Step 14 Choose your campus from the User /Group drop down box

Step 15 Choose your letter the Template drop down box

Step 16 Click + to expand the user group for your campus

Step 17 Scroll down to find and click on your class

Step 18 Click Preview/Send

Step 19 Click Send Message

Stations Timers PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation has a fifteen minute station timer and a two minute cleanup and transition timer. Once you launch the slide show it does all of the work for you. The timers start automatically and the slides are timed to automatically transition without any effort on your part. They include music to help indicate what is happening. It is a PowerPoint file and not a Google Slides. It will not work in Google Slides. It is a large file and might take a while to download. Copy paste the slides for each station you have or set the Slide Show to start again when completed.

Solar System Drag and Drop Google Slides Activity

1 to 1 Chromebook information for students

The Chromebooks are coming!!

I have created a video to explain the new Chromebooks to the students.

The video is on YouTube so that you can play it for your class. You should probably develop a plan to show it on your campus so students don’t have to sit through it six times a day.

I then followed the sage advice of Mrs. Nelson and turned the YoutTube video into an EdPuzzle Activity. Now you can assign it in Google Classroom as an activity for your students. It includes many multiple choice questions that will grade automatically and provide you with an assignment grade for your gradebook.

I have also created this poster/cheat sheet that you can print to hang in your classroom.

Chromebook Tips and Shortcuts Repost

Chromebook Tips and Shortcuts

January 14, 2020|Alwayslearning, EdTech, Elementary, Google, Secondary, Tools

Here are some options for posters and slide shows of Chromebook tips and shortcuts that would be excellent for new users and even helpful for experienced students.  

I learned a couple things myself looking these over.

  • Ctrl+Shift+V will paste text without the format (size, font, hyper links) it was in so it will match your document.
  • Ctrl+↓or↑  will change the layering order of objects in a slide or drawing.