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Digital Interactive Notebook Update

I love Digital Interactive Notebooks and would be happy to help you get one set up for your students. They are a great way to use your Chromebooks and have students develop digital skills while curating all the resources they need for your course.

Above is a link to a TCEA article on these cool learning tools. Below is my post on Digital Interactive Notebooks. I created several content specific examples that are worth exploring. Those examples are found on slide 7.

Phone Directory (ClassLink)

Perhaps, like myself and others you have recently been frustrated by the phonebook system on our new school telephones. One day while expressing my frustrations to the phone, Mrs. Pappas informed me that there was an online phone directory that was far faster and easier to use. “Where might this super secret principals only phone directory be located”, I asked? “It’s no secret, it’s in ClassLink”, She replied.
Please enjoy this dramatic reenactment of a similar story.

(No employees were harmed during the filming of this video)

Canva for Email Signature

I have previously created a guide for changing your Gmail signature which you can review here. Let’s go a step further and examine how to use Canva to create a custom email signature graphic which you can upload through the settings detailed in the link above.

Why would you want to create a custom Gmail signature? To communicate standard information to your recipients that you might not have included in the body of your email. You can also provide other contact and information options that parents and colleagues could use such as your phone extension, Campus, Grade level taught, Important roles you fulfill that someone might need to know.

Canva (which you can get a free premium teacher account for) offers 1,300 templates for a custom email signature. You can also search for business card templates which will work equally as well. There are over 11,000 of those templates available.

Choose a template and then have fun customizing it to include your contact information and more. When you complete your sweet new email signature you can download it as a PNG image to upload in Gmail.

Check out this video walk through below for a more detailed tutoring.

Quick Tip: Chromebook 45

Here is a super simple but hugely effective Chromebook Quick Tip for you.
When you need to address your students while they are working on their Chromebook you need to peel their attention off of the device and on to you. Instruct your students to “45 their Chromebook”. This indicates that they need to close the screen to a 45 degree angle. This way they can’t see and be distracted by the screen but it does not close and put it to sleep.

EdTech Quick Tip: Talking Pictures

Have your students add a moving mouth and voice to an image of a person or even any object with a tool like Blabberize or Chatterpix.  Students can create a fun project like that to demonstrate what they have learned.  

Check out this brief example of Mr. TP doin his standup routine.

This example is supposed to be fun and engaging but imagine it is Sojourner Truth talking about her work toward the abolition of slavery.  Jack London explaining his short story “To Build A Fire”.  One of the Engineers who designed the Golden Gate Bridge teaching how it’s suspension span system works.  Or even Ada Lovelace sharing how she saw the future of basic machine computation growing into algorithms.  Please invite me to your class to help your students develop some awesome projects like these.  

This is badge #96 Talking Pics for our Innovation Badge Chart.

Progress Learning 2022 Launch

Teachers, Students, and Classes are all rostered and ready to go in Progress Learning, which we knew last year as, Education Galaxy.
Teachers and students should access Progress Learning through ClassLink.

Grades K-1 Please make sure your students have the pre-test turned on in the settings tab for each class. We will start that soon. In the meantime let’s have them start practicing on their Study Plan.

Let’s get started with Liftoff and the Liftoff diagnostics in grades 2-5.

How to enable Liftoff

At the link Below Skip to 47:50 to learn about how students will access the Lift Off Diagnostic

Countless Certificate Templates on Canva

Ok, they aren’t literally countless because the computer counts them for us. However there are nearly EIGHT THOUSAND templates for certificates on In an effort to narrow that down to a more usable amount I searched “School Certificates” and got 1,200+ results. So use to make some fun and captivating awards for your students.

Professional Communications Review Resources

A Gimkit set that can be played through any of the Gimkit game types. Check out the new fishing version if you haven’t

Quizlet Set for all of their various activities as a whole class activity or individually.

Word Wall Set that can be converted to any of their templates as a whole class activity or individually.

A Blooket Set that can be played in any of their various game modes as a whole class activity or individually.

6th Grade Science SMART Board Review Activities

1st Six Weeks

Elements vs Compounds Sorting

Evidence of a Chemical Reaction

Formulas and Symbols Matching

Number of Elements in Formulas

Characteristics of Elements and Compounds

Density Layering

2nd Six Weeks

3rd Six Weeks

4th Six Weeks

Thermal Energy Matching

Mechanical Layers of the Earth

Earth’s Layers Fill in the blanks

Rock Types Matching

Tectonic Plates Game Show

5th Six Weeks

Solar System Planet Order

Solar System Planets Word Search

Solar System Vocabulary Memory Game

Gravity Sorting Activity

6th Six Weeks