EdTech Update 26 March 2020

EdTech Update
26 March 2020

What a busy and interesting time we are all working through!
Today I am bringing you something new, a reminder, and something fun. In true dessert first fashion let me throw something fun at you first.
This is my current favorite song. You will either love it and think it is genius or you will HATE it and hope you never hear it again. Feel free to let me know where you fall on the issue.

For our reminder, you can get help with Google Hangouts, Meet, Contacts, Calendar, and how they all work together to run your new online class through the link below.


Something New!!!
Google Jamboard
Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard software that you could use during your Google Meet sessions or even in class someday….
Check out the video and link below for a quick introduction to Jamboard.

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