Etsy Profit Activity

Math Teachers! Here is an amazing activity for your 4th or 5th 6th grade students. Maybe even MS students if they are a little behind and need practice with profit. This activity engages students in a relevant economic system with products that are popular.

In this activity your student will calculate the Total amount due for orders from an online Etsy store. They will calculate the cost to produce items sold in the store and the amount of profit made from each item and each order.

The activity is a Slides Presentation that is accompanied by a Google Form or a printed answer document. Alternatively you could assign the slide show in Google Classroom and have students insert text boxes to answer the questions. Lot’s of options.

After completing this activity with some teachers on a PD day I made some huge changes to produce a far more simplified version that we believe will be more achievable for your non advanced academic students (4th and 5th grade)

The Final Frontier 8th ELAR Super Review Part 1

I present to you an absolutely amazing activity for the application of your students academic abilities. This activity does not include alliteration like that but it does cover: inferencing, text evidence, author’s purpose, similes, metaphor, hyperbole, idioms, summarization, mood, tone, comprehension annotation, revising, and editing.

This activity pushes the limits of your students minds by exploring cross curricular topics from science, math, and social studies for resources to apply these ELAR skills. The topics are relevant, applicable, and fun. Topics include online safety, Alaska, the Bill of rights, water slides, flying snakes, and the rarest animals, elements, and compounds on earth.

This is a Google slides activity designed to be assigned to your students in Google Classroom providing a copy for each student. The activity includes drag and drop elements, pre-inserted text answer boxes, and annotating with the shape tool.

Fortnite V-Bucks Budget Activity

Here is an engaging and relevant budgeting activity for your 4th or 5th grade students. This activity gives your students a spending budget of 7,400 V-Bucks and several categories for spending as well as some specific budget requirements. This activity provides a Google Spreadsheet that helps students plan how to arrange their budget. The Spreadsheet contains formulas that do the math calculations for the students freeing them up to apply their critical thinking to spending the remainder of their budget after making selections. Students should have difficulty finding the funds to make all the purchases that they want from our pretend Fortnite item Store. This should cause them to have to continuously go back over their budget allocations to complete a final budget staying under their V7,400 spending limit. This activity also includes reflection and class discussion questions.

I have decided to embed this entire activity into a Google Site so students should have easy access to all of the resources that they need on that one page. Find the Activity here.

Banker Buyer (Monopoly Transactions)

Banker Buyer is a Monopoly themed class activity. Students all receive a cash drawer in the form of a Google Slide. Assign each student their own copy in Google Classroom. The teacher leads the activity from a presentation at the front of the class. The activity has 8 transactions during which students either withdraw or deposit funds in their bank. At the end of the 8 transactions students count up the money in their bank and the money in Free parking. If they have completed all of the transactions correctly their total dollar amounts should match up to the amounts on the teacher Banker Buyer Teacher Resource.

Pizza Problems Canva Math Project

Your assignment is to upload the voice recording below into a blank Canva video project. Then add content (Images, Graphics, Video, etc) to the video that will help someone better understand the narration of the math problem. You will share your completed video with your teacher by the process they establish with you.

This project was created with
You and your students may use that free tool to record your own problem narratives then challenge each other to create a Canva video and solve the problem.


Edit a PDF in Canva

Yes Canva can edit a pdf. No more struggling to find the program that will give you a free trial to edit your pdf. Canva can do it. It can do it with even greater ease and ability than anything I have ever seen.

You are going to “Create a New Design”
Choose to “Import”
Navigate to and select your pdf

Then Canva scans and converts it to be just like any other resource created in Canva. All of the elements become their own individual pieces that you can remove, resize, or reposition. The text is all OCR scanned and now editable text in it’s own individual text boxes.

You do what you need to do then export the newly customized file as a PDF.

Moon Base Echo

This is a digital menu activity for 6th grade social studies first 9 weeks review. My digital menus are choice board activities. Students are challenged to complete a certain number of activities in each category. These requirements are in the directions of the activity. Assign the Google Drawing in Google Classroom and each icon links to an activity option.

This Menu has a fun theme. Be sure to read the introduction on the activity.

This activity focuses on the labeling of continents, oceans, and latitude and longitude lines on a world map. In this first sections students must complete both challenges. The next section is about Landforms. This section challenges students to an online review game over landforms. Students choose from one of the three game types to play. In the third section students choose to learn more about a Command Economy or a Free Market economy by studying a real world example of how those economies function and their affects on their countries. Students read a brief article then support what they learned with facts from the reading selection. In the last section students are challenged to an EdPuzzle video on one of the Innovation and Technology topics from Scientific discoveries of Newton and Einstein, The History of Medicine, The Transcontinental Railroad, or Inventors and Inventions.

Weirdos in Windows

Do you teach 7th grade ELAR students? If so check out Weirdos in Windows. This new digital Menu activity is made to support the learning goals of the first 9 weeks. In this activity students complete one task from each flor of the building. Your students could repeat this activity up to 3 times and have a unique experience each time.
The ground floor offers a selection of Verbs and Nouns challenges.
The first floor is about plot elements.
The second floor challenges students to develop thesis statements.
The third floor asks students to retype a paragraph revising and editing along the way to fix all of the mistakes.
The top floor offers four fantastically fun inferencing challenges.

Digital Menu Activity ELAR 6th 1st 9Wks

Here is a digital menu review activity for 6th grade ELAR. This menu activity covers topics from the first 9 weeks including Revise and Edit; Inferencing and Text Evidence; Paraphrasing; Compare and Contrast; Theme; Figurative Language; and Plot. This activity is in Google Slides. Assign a copy to each of your students in Google Classroom. Students will interact with the slides by adding text boxes, shapes, and tables. They will also follow links to outside resources. Students can navigate the slide show in presentation mode and escape to edit mode to complete tasks. This Menu Activity could be assigned 3 times and students would have a different experience each time. It would be great to keep advanced students busy while reviewing with other groups. Click the button below to preview then download a copy of the slideshow for yourself.