Let’s take a look at another tool to help you get prepared for the new school year. I am writing this post in April (2023) intending for you to read it in August later this year. I can already tell you today that AI assisting with lesson plans has been fantastic. By the time this is being sent out though we may have already fallen to Skynet and this email may be bouncing off of full email inboxes and servers. If so, It was a good ride. Come visit me at my bunker. I’ll have plenty of supplies to keep us all going.

Hopefully you are happy safe and at work right now excited about the start of the new 2023-2024 school year. This spring I have used AI by way of ChatGPT and BARD many times to develop writing prompts, math word problems, grading rubrics, project ideas, essay questions, even entire assignments. The AI has produced some amazing quality work for you guys whether you know it or not. Often it needs a little tweaking but sometimes it is ready to copy paste and go.

Curipod is a website, created by an innovative group of Norwegians. They call it a Curiosity Platform. Curipod uses AI technology to develop ready to use lesson plans on any topic for any grade level. It is super fast and super easy. got to and create an account with your Google login. Then simply feed the AI prompt a topic and specify a grade level, You can even paste a TEK to give it stricter guidelines, then sit back and watch as it delivers the goods to you.

Here are my instant results from a request for 5th grade Theme and Main Idea over TEK 5.8A (infer multiple themes within a text using text evidence;). The lesson started off with an interactive survey the class element. It identified the learning goal. Explained what a theme is. compared it to other elements of a story. Dropped some facts about theme. Gave a think pair share activity. It offered a relaxing fun brain break activity (love that). Then it asked students to call on prior knowledge and experience about the theme of 5 very famous stories they have surely read before. That was a complete interactive and engaging lesson that checked out pretty well for zero effort. I spent more time finding the TEK to copy paste.

Do we all still have jobs this fall? Has the AI eliminated teachers?