Ecosystems 3.9A

Here is an Interactive Google Slides activity for reviewing concepts and vocabulary related to TEK 3.9A (observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities within an ecosystem). There are a whopping 39 slides to this activity with a variety of tasks including: class discussion, drag and drop, Check boxes, short answer, etc. This activity was designed to be a whole group teacher lead activity. It would be extra fantastic on a SMART board. Below are a few example slides.

Elementary ELAR Reading Vocabulary Activities

Here are 3 activities that have students read about some super cool cross curricular topics then answer vocabulary questions based on what they read. These activities all cover important people from history including impactful leaders and Innovators from several different cultural backgrounds. These activities are on Google Slides and designed to be posted in Google Classroom or teacher led in front of class. Students will use text boxes, and line or shape tools to answer the questions. Oh and I through in a bonus 4th activity over inferencing and revising and editing because that is always a need as well I know.

Inspector Inaya Unpacking a Puzzle

Inspector Inaya is back to use her skills of observation and inferencing. Below are just a few screen shots from the activity. Click the download button check it all out.

Snowman Snackers Subtraction -7

Here is a 2nd grade math activity that has students practice their subtraction skills. In this activity which can be done on a SMART board or on individual Chromebooks, students pass out snacks to a pack of seven hungry snowmen. They then count the snacks remaining. To advance this activity you could ask your students to do the subtraction problem first, then count the snacks to check their answers.

Photo Slide Show Video

Can you make me a video of all my class photos for the year and put them to these songs? That is a question I get a lot, especially toward the end of the year. So here is your detailed walk through on how you may easily do this now with Canva.
We will look at how to use Canva to make a video slide show of our class photos. We’ll use templates with animations and transitions. Customize the graphics and text. We will look at how to add music. We will also look at how to design our own photo slide templates instead of using those already in Canva. It’s SUPER easy and you should be able to make a huge video to share with your class or school in about ten minutes. You could also embed videos on to these slides if photos are too 1998 for you. Canva will set the slide time to the length of your imbedded video. Also if you have your own song files you may use those instead of Canva’s songs through the Uploads menu.

View the example video we made


It’s the modern version of check your answer in the back of the book.

IXL Lunch and Learn Wed 29 Nov

Google Meet Link

Google Classroom Group Work

Here is a quick step by step guide for assigning group work in Google Classroom. It is really not difficult at all. It is totally worth the effort to get your students engaged in meaningful collaboration. Printable PDF version below as well.

Identifying Cell Parts

Here is a Google Slides activity, intended to be assigned in Google Classroom, about cell parts. In this activity students are asked to label the parts of both an animal cell and a plant cell. Each cell type has a hard mode where students must know and type the answers. It also has an easy mode in which they can simply drag and drop labels. You may use which ever slides you wish, make a copy of the activity first and delete the slides you don’t want before assigning.

Math 4.4H Two-Step Problems

TEKS Math 4.4(H)

solve with fluency one- and two-step problems involving multiplication and division, including interpreting remainders.

Need to get your students practicing a little two step problem solving that include multiplication, division, AND even a little interpreting remainders!?!? Then come on down to Battle Bots Warehouse! Where you get more battle bots for less money and more math practice with less tears!
Multiplication: Students must determine how many battle bots were sold on a particular day then figure out the total sales based on that day’s market price.

Division: Students must determine how many robots need to be ordered to replenish stock in the warehouse. Then they must divide to calculate how many cases of each robot they need to order. There will be a remainder which must round up to the next whole case number.

Let’s make an entire battle bots lesson out of this.

Here is a Warm up activity that has students calculate the speed of Blitz Claw!

Le them be entertained by these gladiators!

Also, I have some battle bots to bring in to your class for your students to play with after completing the main activity.

B.R.U.H. Primary Source 170th Thanksgiving

“Bruh, sometimes words be hard.” That’s why we will use my new B.R.U.H. system to analyze this primary source proclamation from George Washington on 3 October 1789. This is a Google Slides activity designed to be assigned in Google Classroom. There are text boxes on the activity for students to type their answers.

Change Up Subtraction Activity TEK 4.4A

Timely and topical let’s do a Texas Rangers Baseball math activity. In this activity your students will be working at the Concession stand in Globe Life Field where they must use subtraction with decimals to the hundredth place to make change for customers.
This activity is in Teachermade and should be assigned digitally to your students.