EdTech Quick Tip: Talking Pictures

Have your students add a moving mouth and voice to an image of a person or even any object with a tool like Blabberize or Chatterpix.  Students can create a fun project like that to demonstrate what they have learned.  

Check out this brief example of Mr. TP doin his standup routine.

This example is supposed to be fun and engaging but imagine it is Sojourner Truth talking about her work toward the abolition of slavery.  Jack London explaining his short story “To Build A Fire”.  One of the Engineers who designed the Golden Gate Bridge teaching how it’s suspension span system works.  Or even Ada Lovelace sharing how she saw the future of basic machine computation growing into algorithms.  Please invite me to your class to help your students develop some awesome projects like these.  

This is badge #96 Talking Pics for our Innovation Badge Chart.

Progress Learning 2022 Launch

Teachers, Students, and Classes are all rostered and ready to go in Progress Learning, which we knew last year as, Education Galaxy.
Teachers and students should access Progress Learning through ClassLink.

Grades K-1 Please make sure your students have the pre-test turned on in the settings tab for each class. We will start that soon. In the meantime let’s have them start practicing on their Study Plan.

Let’s get started with Liftoff and the Liftoff diagnostics in grades 2-5.

How to enable Liftoff

At the link Below Skip to 47:50 to learn about how students will access the Lift Off Diagnostic