Pixton Comic Creator

This tool is an absolute blast to use. We all made our Pixton Avatars around the office and created a class photo. We made practice cartoons as well. You could use this tool in so many ways with your students.

They have built in lessons and plenty of ideas to get you started if you aren’t already bouncing around 1000 ideas in your head like I am.

Author’s Purpose Activity

Here is a wonderful quartet of reading selections followed by a multiple choice question each. The question asks students to choose the best intent statement for the author’s purpose. The stories cover engaging topics including, vacations, puppies, tacos, and videogames. I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.

Mote Voice Recorder

Here is a fantastic little Chrome extension that helps you to record feedback into a Google Doc, add narration to a Google Slide, Record directions in Google Classroom, and even record an audio message in a Gmail.


Textfree by Pinger

Here is a tool that you can use to send text messages to parents without using your personal cell phone number. You can use Pinger Text Free to send text messages from your web browser or via the app on your phone. Pro-Tip when making your list of numbers for a group message be sure to include a comma after each number before copy pasting the numbers into the to line. Also I didn’t find a BCC way to send to a group.

Prefix and Suffix Practice

Here are a couple SMART board activities I made for you to practice prefixes and suffixes. If you don’t teach prefixes and suffixes give the activity a try anyways to experience this type of activity that I made quickly with the Lumio SMART templates.

Prefix fill in the blank activity

Suffix memory matching game

Flash Cards (Digital, Pre-K)

Here are some great options for premade digital flashcards for your Pre-K students.



eLearning Flash Cards

Google Chrome Web Browser Themes

Here is one of the most useful productivity decisions I have made. Check out this super quick video to see how I use Chrome Browser themes to organize my work space more efficiently. If you use more than one Chrome login on your computer, this is for you.


StudyStack.com is an amazing website that lets you create digital flash cards and many other interactive study games as well as awesome printables.

Headless Horseman Comic Activity

Here is a headless horseman comic activity for you.  It is in Google Slides and can be assigned in Google Classroom.  There are preloaded backgrounds and comic strip characters for students to use.  The assignment is for them to recreate scene 7 (from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Read-Aloud Play by Storyworks) as a comic strip.

Digital Periodic Table

Here is a cool digital Periodic Table with some interactive elements to it. I have created a 20 question activity to accompany this resource. The activity is a Google Form. The questions are all short answer and self grading. The button below will download your own copy of the activity that you can assign to your students to get their results.

Pin Resource to Shelf on Chromebook

Here is a quick guide on how to pin a website to the shelf on your Chromebook. It’s a little faster and definitely cooler than just saving something to your favorites. This will open a browser directly to the resource you want your students to access. This is a very cool idea. Thanks to Mrs. Nelson and her math team who are creating a Google Site of resources for their students to pin to the shelf of their Chromebooks. This is basically the same thing as pinning a program to the task bar or desktop on your windows PC.

Hurricane of 1900 Galveston Storm

I am very excited to present to you this activity that I think is UhMazing, but I am biased. This activity was created in Google Docs and intended to be assigned digitally in Google Classroom. There are preformatted answer boxes following each question for students to put their answers in. Of Course it could be printed and handed out as well.

This activity is amazing because it covers so many content areas. It is an ultimate cross curricular activity. ELAR, plenty of exciting and engaging reading. Science, weather and hurricanes of course. Social Studies, history, as well as maps and charts, primary source pictures. Best of all Math, all of the questions that follow the article are math based questions asking students to use counting, subtraction, multiplication, area, volume, and more.

Education Galaxy Add Teachers

Principals. You may need to add Special Populations teachers with out a homeroom class to Education Galaxy. If you do this is that super fast and easy process.

Education Galaxy Activating Lift Off


Above is a link to Education Galaxies directions on how to change your students between Education Galaxy and the Lift off program. Education Galaxy is the main system that you ideally need your students working and improving in. Lift Off is to help struggling students catch up to grade level. Once a student has caught up to grade level in Lift Off they need to be switched back to the Education Galaxy Platform.

Education Galaxy Assign Diagnostic Pretest

Here is a quick guide on how the Diagnostic Pretest works in Education Galaxy and Lift off.

Education Galaxy Create Classes

If you are a special populations teacher you may need to create classes in order to view your students’ Education Galaxy Progress. Here is a quick guide on how to do that.

La Palma Volcano 2021

Here is an article from the Washington Post about the current volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma. There are some check for understanding questions that go with the article which include a little cross curricular math action. This activity is made in Google Docs and designed to be easily assigned in Google Classroom. There are answer boxes on the assignment for students to type their answers.