Secondary ECR: Super Hero of History

Here is a secondary ECR writing prompt. I have built it into Eduphoria Aware as well. I can share it to you if you are PISD send me an email. I have also shared it with your ELAR instructional coaches so you can get it from them as well.

Online Reading Passage: The Tale of the Squirrel With No Tail

Here is an activity to help your students practice reading a story and answering comprehension questions online. This activity includes multiple item types in Teachermade, a supporting YouTube video about falcons, and a printable closing activity.
If you are a PISD teacher I even have a falcon statue you can borrow as a hook. This activity can be as simple as the Teachermade activity only. Additionally you could add in the other Falcon activities to support interesting science knowledge as well.

2nd Grade Math 3rd Six Weeks Review

This is a Lumio SMART board activity which has 5 different types of activities with 23 activity slides in total. Follow then link and save the activity to your Lumio library.

Short Cut Keys Posters

Here are a pair of printable posters for your classroom that inform and remind your students of keyboarding need to knows. Below are links to download poster sized pdfs of each.

Pearl Harbor Activity

Here is an activity that I built in Google Forms. You can assign this to your students in Google Classroom.
In this activity students examine an infographic, primary source audio recordings, and a couple of YouTube videos, all with reflection questions and some basic math computation for that cross curricular kick. I have added a line to the form to collect “Teacher Last Name” If you would like to have access to your students submissions you may email me and I can add you to the results spread sheet. It is however not a self grading activity. It contains a lot of open ended and short answer questions as opposed to multiple choice.

Digital Interactive Notebook Update

I love Digital Interactive Notebooks and would be happy to help you get one set up for your students. They are a great way to use your Chromebooks and have students develop digital skills while curating all the resources they need for your course.

Above is a link to a TCEA article on these cool learning tools. Below is my post on Digital Interactive Notebooks. I created several content specific examples that are worth exploring. Those examples are found on slide 7.