2nd math 2.9G Telling Time to the minute

2(9)(G) read and write time to the nearest one-minute increment using analog and digital clocks and distinguish between a.m. and p.m.

Here is a quick and simple activity that requires students to know how to tell time to the nearest minute on both digital and analog clocks in order to make matching pairs. Join the dance crew: Past, Present, and Funky! Bust moves and sort clocks into matching pairs of digital and analog with the same time. This activity can be completed on a SMART touch screen, On the front screen with a wireless mouse, or assigned in Google Classroom to be done individually on a Chromebook.

Texas Military Heroes Day 2 February

Military Heroes Day

Follow the link above to view the interactive presentation that these screen shots are from. You may share the link with your students in Google Classroom or explore it together as a class.

PK Counting Safari

Let’s go on a counting Safari! I have safari hats and a tour ready to go. Amy I come to your PK class and take your kids on a virtual counting safari? We will visit different environments and count the different species of animals in each. I even have an adventure log for students to record their findings in. Below is everything you need to go on this adventure. As a bonus this would be extra special interactive on s SMART board but it is not at all required.

Pirate Booty Pakapoo Probability 7.6i

7.6I: Determine experimental and theoretical probabilities related to simple and compound events using data and sample spaces.

Welcome to another Pirate adventure! This time Petyr the Portuguese Pirate will have your students count inventory and calculate probability for his crew. These pirates like to hold a pakapoo raffle to sell off the booty they gather in their travels. Students will calculate the probability that each treasure type would be chosen at random from the total amount of treasures.

Pirate Activity 7.3b Rational Numbers

7.3b Solve mathematical problems using multi-step order of operations with rational numbers including grouping symbols, whole-number exponents and absolute value.

Peripatetic Pirate Petyr from Portugal needs your students to prepare his ship’s port logs for the preparation of plundering. Students will need to perform multi step calculations to convert the distances the ship will travel into different scales of measurement. This activity is available as a Teachermade digital activity or in a printable pdf format.

Reading and Roaming Caribbean


I am back again with another virtual voyage for your students. This time we are focused on the TEKS listed in the chart below. Students will explore 6 stops in the Caribbean sea where they will demonstrate their mastery of one TEK below at each stop. This activity is accompanied by a Google Form answer document that you will post in your Google Classroom for you students to access. The Roaming and Reading home page has a button that you can click to download your own copy of the Google Form.

R/STEKTEK description
S8.2Ause print or digital resources to determine the meaning, syllabication, pronunciation, word origin, and part of speech
R8.5Fmake inferences and use evidence tosupport understanding 
R8.5Gevaluate details read to determine key ideas 
S8.9Ddescribe how the author’s use of figurative language such as extended metaphor achieve specific purpose
S8.9Fanalyze how theauthor’s use of language contributes to mood, voice,and tone
R8.10Dviicorrect spelling, including commonly confused terms such as its/it’s, affect/effect, there/their/they’re, and to/two/too

Roaming and Reading: Scotland


Now introducing something wonderful! Follow the link above to reach a new resource for ELAR review activities. This new Roaming and Reading website will feature virtual filed trips around the world visiting fascinating destinations. Each stop along your students tour will entertain them with short videos, inform them with facts about the cultures and geography, and more importantly require them to demonstrate mastery of the ELAR skills they have been learning in your class. This first journey to Scotland is prepared and ready to launch for 7th grade students needing to review TEKS for the 3rd quarter.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Can your students survive the 13 days of the Cuban Missile Crisis without starting WWIII and annihilating the earth?


Follow the link above, click share, present, then present again and the activity will launch in a self paced click as you go format. Copy and paste that link to share this interactive activity with your students, after you enjoy it yourself of course.

Jurassic Jaunt #Tswift 6th ELAR Q3 Review

OMG Have you heard the latest gossip about Taylor Swift!?!? Well, 6th Grade ELAR teachers here it is for your students! This is a 3rd quarter review activity to engage your students skills and imaginations on a topic they are sure to love. This mega activity includes a pdf of 26 pages with custom made fake news/satirical articles, daily journals, and short stories about Taylor Swift and her whirlwind vacation around the globe with her new adopted velociraptor babies. The activity also has a Google Form which is broken down into sections by TEKS. This activity includes a plethora of fascinating AI generated images of Tswift and her raptors in exotic locations around the globe. I even crafted a culturally accurate click batey hash tagged social media video as a hook for the lesson. All of the resources are below for you to explore and download for yourself.

6.2A – use print or digital resources to determine the meaning, syllabication, pronunciation, word origin, and part of speech
6.5E – make connections to personal experiences, ideas in other texts, and society (R)
6.6D – paraphrase and summarize text in ways that maintain meaning and logical order
6.7A – infer multiple themes within and across texts using text evidence

Click the image above to download your own copy of the Google Form that you can assign in Google Classroom.