Lewis and Clark Expedition Barge Pilot TEK 5.4c

TEK 5.4(C) identify significant events and concepts associated with U.S. territorial expansion, including the Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny

Join the Lewis and Clark Expedition as the river barge pilot. Can you successfully navigate the river systems while learning about the expeditions experiences? Click the image above to get started.

Teachermade Google Classroom Sync

How do I sync my Google Classroom rosters to Teachermade.com?

Bitmoji Custom Shirt

I saw a video recently, that featured a lady’s Bitmoji who was wearing a very unique shirt with a custom logo on it. I thought, that is cool. How can WE do that? SO I figured it out. Check out this quick walkthrough.

Google Form QR Code

Need to get the QR Code for your Google Form?

Start from the active version of your form that the respondent completes.

Then go to the the three dots menu.

Then select Save and Share.

Create QR Code is on that next menu screen

Teachermade Shared Library

Chromebook User Updates

Did you know!?! There is a “delete” key stroke on a Chromebook!

Chromebooks have their own built in Read Aloud feature with NO Extensions needed!!

ALSO in a Chrome browser you can turn on Live Captions and Chrome generates closed captions in a little overlay window for videos and audio that are playing in Chrome! IT WORKS!!!

K10A Plant and animal sorting

Here is a Kinder sorting activity. This activity is created in teachermade. It would be a very good activity for a SMART board or a teacher led group activity. It could also be assigned individually in Google Classroom if devices are available. The animal sorting slide has specific categories to sort the animals into. The leaf sorting page is designed to be sorted repeatedly by size, shape, color, or leaf edge.

Career Prep 1D Interview Techniques

Career Prep I 1(D) demonstrate proper interview techniques in various situations

The word of the day is job, J.O.B! Your students play the role of a young man who is wearing out his welcome at home and his parents need him to get a job and do something with his life. This activity is an engaging and relevant escape room style adventure in which students must survive a job interview and land the position by choosing the correct responses to interview questions. This activity is assembled in Google Slides and should be shared in published or present mode for students to best experience it.

Inspector Inaya in Texas

4.6(B) compare the physical regions of Texas (Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, Coastal Plains)

Here is our 3rd installment in the Inspector Inaya series. This time Inaya is invited down to Texas to help use her skills to infer the Texas region and era the 6 letters below originated from. The activity includes a video intro as well as slides of each story for your students to read. This is a teachermade activity which has students select the correct answer choices for each letter.

Granny Getaway

5.4D Additive and Multiplicative Patterns

This digital interactive teachermade activity has students demonstrate their knowledge and skills at completing X,Y Tables and graphing their linear equations.