Innovation badge update for 29 September 2022

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EdTech Update Episode 11: September 23, 2022

ETu Podcast Episode 11 23 September 2022

Innovation Badges

My Classes in ClassLink

Progress Learning with Alek Turner

Quick Click Remediation

Add Subjects for differentiation to Study Plans -see step 6. (this goes over all class settings available)

Bell Ringers

How to Author a Question

Progress Learning: How to share an assessment

Here is a brief walk through how to find a shared assessment in Progress Learning.

Tech Break Printable Board Games

Here are 3 custom created just for you printable No-Tech Board Game options for your students. They are designed to be played with Flash Cards that you provide or even better have students make. I made with technology so I count them that way as EdTech. Made in Canva.

How to create an assessment in Progress Learning

It is really so easy you would be silly not to try it. It takes about 1 minute to do.
In a later video we will cover creating custom assessments, how to share assessments with your team, and how to assign assessments.