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Countless Certificate Templates on Canva

Ok, they aren’t literally countless because the computer counts them for us. However there are nearly EIGHT THOUSAND templates for certificates on Canva.com. In an effort to narrow that down to a more usable amount I searched “School Certificates” and got 1,200+ results. So use Canva.com to make some fun and captivating awards for your students.

Professional Communications Review Resources

A Gimkit set that can be played through any of the Gimkit game types. Check out the new fishing version if you haven’t


Quizlet Set for all of their various activities as a whole class activity or individually.


Word Wall Set that can be converted to any of their templates as a whole class activity or individually.


A Blooket Set that can be played in any of their various game modes as a whole class activity or individually.



6th Grade Science SMART Board Review Activities

1st Six Weeks

Elements vs Compounds Sorting

Evidence of a Chemical Reaction

Formulas and Symbols Matching

Number of Elements in Formulas

Characteristics of Elements and Compounds

Density Layering

2nd Six Weeks

3rd Six Weeks

4th Six Weeks

Thermal Energy Matching

Mechanical Layers of the Earth

Earth’s Layers Fill in the blanks

Rock Types Matching

Tectonic Plates Game Show

5th Six Weeks

Solar System Planet Order

Solar System Planets Word Search

Solar System Vocabulary Memory Game

Gravity Sorting Activity

6th Six Weeks


Here is a new tool for creating digital assignments. It is similar to Class kick or TeacherMade. Now you have another option to create interactive assignments for your students to complete on their Chromebooks. In the first two minutes you will learn what Wizer.me does. Keep watching for a more in depth look at how to create activities with the platform.

Tally Marks Math for Littles

Here is an activity that asks students to count the number of items on a slide then to make tally marks for that number on the white board. This is designed for younger students. The first couple slides guide them through it then it becomes progressively more difficult as the activity proceeds. This activity was made in Google Slides. It is best when presented on a SMART board but will work fine on a plain old white board as well if you aren’t that lucky. There are 13 slides and 10 individual tallying activities.

5th Math Ninja in the Middle

Here is a very engaging math activity that will have students compare three numbers in a greater than less than 3 way template. The three numbers are pitted against each other in a Ninjutsu battle. There are 20 battles to work through that increase in difficulty as you proceed. This is designed to be completed on a SMART board but you could just as easily do this as a teacher led group activity, or even with a whiteboard marker and eraser.

Time Crisis Challenge

Time Crisis Challenge is by far the absolute best activity ever made for students to practice their skills at calculating elapsed time. This activity is also cross curricular as it uses significant events from history and science. This activity is in Google Slides and should be a class led activity on the front screen or even better on the SMART board. There is also an accompanying student handout if you would like students to record their own individual answers.

TCEA 2022 Recap

I had a great time learning about new technology tools and strategies at the 2022 Texas Computer Educators Association Conference. Here is a very fast paced highlight video of the top 52 things I learned. I will develop these ideas further in later videos. Please let me know which topics you want to learn more about first.

Spectrum Elite Digital Sign Board Guide

Launch the Signboard software with this icon on your desktop.
Or Start>Spectrum>Spectrumelite

If you don’t have the software put in a help desk ticket through IT to get it installed.

Use these buttons to add or remove content from a slide

Add new slides (frames) as you need them.

Adjust the transitions and amount of time the slide stays on from the menu on the right.

When you have all of your slides prepared you can click the send button so push them out to the Marquee.

Adjust your schedule. Then hit send again. Everything should have been configured at installation to go to the Marquee. If you get any communication errors please put in a help desk ticket with IT to have the connection reconfigured.

Digital Spelling Test

Here are a couple ideas on how to administer a digital spelling test.
Example 1 is with a Google Form and a YouTube video recording of the word list. This is the free option.


Example 2 is made in Teachermade.com I expected to be able to insert a recording of each word at each number on the answer document but that requires a paid pro account. It is possible with a the paid pro account.


Texas State Parks Bonham

Here is the second activity in my new Texas State Parks Activity Series. This activity is in Google Slides and can be assigned in Google Classroom. There are 15 questions on this activity that cover both math and map reading skills. This is a local State Park to us, only about an hour to the North. This is someplace your students might have visited or that they could potentially visit. I think that really increases the relevance and cool factor of this activity.

TPWD Lake Ray Roberts

I am going to start a new series of activities based on Texas State Parks. Here is the first one of those. This activity is a math and map skills activity that was created in Google Forms to be assigned in Google Classroom. There are 10 questions and one bonus question on this activity. Questions include multiple choice, multi select, and numeric response question types.